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Built-in weighing sensor
ViBRA built-in weighing sensor provides high resolutions, fast data update. It is widely used in various kind of factory.
UF series

Suitable for applications in production lines where weighing is required
capacity: 620g / readability: 0.001g

DFB series

Suitable to install in production systems where weighing is required
capacity: 60g - 3000g / readability: 0.001g - 0.01g

Applications of the DFB series built-in weight measuring sensor

The above are but a few examples of the various types of production equipment that the DFB series can built into. A pioneer in the development of built-in weight measuring sensors, SHINKO DENSHI Co., LTD. can provide expert advice on which built-in weight measuring sensor is best suited to your production equipment and system, drawing on the wealth of know-how we have accumulated over the years. If you are considering introducing a built-in weight measuring sensor or are interested in knowing more about built-in weight measuring sensors, please feel free to contact us.