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Industrial weighing
ViBRA industrial balances cover the wide range of requirements, alminum alloy tough housing, high resolution, water&dust proof, stainless steel housing, hazardous area use, etc…
LN series

Tough body, Highly resistant to outer shock and chemical substances
capacity: 220g-31kg / readability: 0.001g-0.1g

ALE series

Optimize your laboratory weighing
capacity: 220g-15kg / readability: 0.001g-0.1g

AJ series

Innovative desing in compact housing, Widely used for many applications
capacity: 220g-15kg / readability: 0.001g-0.1g

AB series

Tuning-fork Precision balance, High Precision in Affordable Budget
capacity: 320g-1200g / readability: 0.001g-0.1g

CJ series

IP65 Water&Dust proof with stainless housing
capacity: 220g-15kg / readability: 0.01g-1g

SJ series

Basic precision balance with quick response and high accuracy
capacity: 220g-15kg / readability: 0.001g-0.1g

HJ-K series

Platform type scale, Stainless steel housing with IP rating 65
capacity : 17kg-62kg / readability: 0.1g-1g

GZⅡ / GZH series

High resolution Ex proof scale with ATEX approval for hazardous area use
capacity: 610g-200kg / readability: 0.01g-0.01kg

DME series

Density measurement & simple weight
measurement - Two in one
capacity in density: 220g / readability: 0.01g

CUX II series

Precision Counting Balance
Advanced counting system with high reliability
capacity: 600g-12000g / readability: 0.01g-1g

FS series

High Precision Industrial Balance
IP protection 65
capacity: 620g-300kg / readability: 0.001g-1g

FZ series

High Precision Industrial Balance for hazardous area
IP protection 65
capacity: 620g-300kg / readability: 0.001g-1g