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For jewelers
ViBRA is one of the leading suppliers of precision balances for jewelry field. World-wide popular both for jewelry retial shops and jewelry manufacturers.
CT series

Unique roll-top windshield, Compact desgin fitted to jewelry shops
capacity: 600ct-1600ct / readability: 0.001ct-0.01ct

AJ series

Innovative desing in compact housing, Widely used for many applications
capacity: 220g-15kg / readability: 0.001g-0.1g

SJ series

Basic precision balance with quick response and high accuracy
capacity: 220g-15kg / readability: 0.001g-0.1g

LN series

Tough body, Highly resistant to outer shock and chemical substances
capacity: 220g-31kg / readability: 0.001g-0.1g