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Laboratory weighing
ViBRA provides the high-performance analytical and precision balances for professional laboratory use. With wide weighing range from 0.1mg to 31kg, ViBRA meets every weighing requirements in the laboratory.
LF series

High performance, Excellent design, 0.1mg readability with electromagnetic sensor
capacity: 120g-220g / readability: 0.1mg

HT series

Plug & Perform, Enegy-saver design, Tuning-fork sensor analytical balance
capacity: 80g-220g / readability: 0.1mg

LN series

Tough body, Highly resistant to outer shock and chemical substances
capacity: 220g-31kg / readability: 0.001g-0.1g

ALE series

Optimize your laboratory weighing
capacity: 220g-15kg / readability: 0.001g-0.1g

AJ series

Innovative desing in compact housing, Widely used for many applications
capacity: 220g-15kg / readability: 0.001g-0.1g