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"No wind" Ionizing blower
LF series

Neutrlizing electro-static to prevent instable indication

It is sometimes happen that weighing objects, especially non-conductive material like plastic, generate static electricity. It could influence the weighing results and cause large measurement error. Ionizer is commonly used to neutralize static electricity of weighing objects and in the environment.

The advantage of LAS-05D-SD ionizer is it generates quite weak flow of air only in order to shoot ions. The flow of air also influences the weighing operation. It often make the indication unstable. You don't need to worry about air turbulence when you use LAS-05D-SD to neutralize static electricity. We call this feature as "No-Wind Ionizing".


Ionizing type
DC corona discharge (±both polarity)
Effective ionizing area
50 to 700mm
Ionizing performance
Approx. 8 seconds
Ion balance control method
TAIBS method
Life time of ionization
50,000 operation hours
Life time of needle
6,000 operation hours
Amout of O3 generation
less than 0.04 PPM
Power consumption
2.8 W
Phisical dimention
180×84×114mm (LWH)
Operation temperature, humidity
0 to 40°C 35 to 65% RH
Home > Products > Peripherals & Accessories > LAS-05D-SD