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Moisture Determination Balance
LF series

Adaptability, Simplicity, Reliability

Grain, Processed Food, Medicine, Wood, Paper, Concrete, Jute, Copra, coke, Nonwoven fabric, Plastic pellets, …etc. In many products, moisture content is one of the key factors in quality control process. ViBRA MD series provides simple but reliable measurement of moisture content in laboratory and manufacturing process.

ViBRA MD series can be available for moisture analysis of various objects and various locations. Unique organic carbon heater has strong power and is environmentally correct heat source.


ViBRA MD series has automatic measurement mode in which MD monitors the drying process and automatically stops the operation. And the structure is quite simple that daily cleaning and maintenance are easy.


No other factor is more important than reliability in measurement performance. Combination of auto-taring system and newly developed organic carbon heater realize excellent repeatability in measurement results.

Newly adopted, organic-carbon heater

Organic carbon heater gives strong radiation in a narrow range of specific wavelength. In this range water molecules are efficiently actuated whereas the influence on others are minimal. Water content is fastly dried and other contents in the sample are well preserved. Fast drying and minimized risk of burning samples. ViBRA MD series meet two important requirements in moisture content analysis simultaneously.

Simple structure - easy to clean

The simple structure of MD series allows the users to clean and do maintenance work easily when the liquid/powder samples are spilled over. It ensures long product life time.

Fast drying, high repeatability

Organic carbon heater in ViBRA MD series achieve fast drying with minimized risk of sample burning. The operation time in routine moisture content analysis can be reduced and the high repeatability of operation result is also assured.

Connection to outside devices

ViBRA MD series has RS232C output as standard feature. The measurement results can be printed by optional printer VZ-300 through RS output. It can be stored in PC with optional data-logger software FDL-02, too.

Alert signal

Red alert signal is blinking during heating process. You can immediately notice when the measurement is completed.

Clear, bright and large LCD display

LCD display is clear, bright and large. It reduces the reading error during measurement operations even in tough working environment.


MD 83
Measurement format
Evaporation weight loss method
Readability moisture content
0.01% / 0.1% *1
Repeatability with 5g sample
0.1% *2
Measurement range
0~100% (wet base, solids), 0~500% (dry base)
Maximum sample weight
Minimum sample weight
Readability of balance
Measurement mode
Automatic operation mode, Timed operation mode
Temperature range
30 - 180 ℃
Increment in temperature
LCD with backlit (96×40 mm)
Storage of measurement conditions
Heat source
Organic cargon heater (280W×2)
Power supply
Power consumption
Max. 900W
Sample pan
Stainless steel (110mm dia., 11mm depth)
Items included
Sample pan×2, sample pan handler, windshield, sample pan tray, spoon, spare fuse, sample alminum sheet×10, power cord, 3P-2P plug, operation manual
*1 0.01% unit is displayable only.
*2 standard deviation


Disposable alminium sheet (500pcs)
Deodorizing windshield
Sample crusher
Data logger software
Home > Products > Moisture weighing > MD series